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Home Insurance - Affordable Policies For New Mexico Homeowners

Homeowners in New Mexico have lots of options when it comes to getting coverage for their home and personal property, but with all of the different options, finding the right coverage that is affordable can feel overwhelming! Let our experienced agents help you today! Give us a call and get a free homeowner's insurance quote.

Considerations When Purchasing Home Insurance in NM

When thinking about the amount of coverage you need with your homeowner's insurance policy, you will need to consider not only how much your home is worth, but also the cost of rebuilding if something like a fire or tornado completely destroyed your home. Additionally, it would be a good idea to take a few hours and do an inventory of all of your personal belongings and figure up how much all that would add up to as well. Next, what is outside of your home and personal belongings? Do you have separate structures that should be covered by insurance, such as a barn, a detached shed, fencing, or other structures that are not attached to our house? And lastly, it is smart to have liability insurance coverage. This is insurance that will cover medical expensed incured by visitors in case of an accident that is your fault that happens on your property. So for example, you carry 00,000 of liability insurance. One day, the UPS driver is bitten by your pet, and has to go to the hospital for stitches. The medical bills that the USP driver incurs will be paid by the insurance company up to the amount of 00,000.

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What Does NM Home Insurance Cover?

When looking for homeowner's insurance in New Mexico, it is important that you know what exactly is covered in the policy. Generally, most basic home insurance policies will cover the following:

Damage due to fire and/or smoke
Wind, hail, and other weather related damages
Water damage that is not caused by flooding
Theft and Vandalism
Snow or ice damage
Damage from vehicles

If you live in an area where flooding could be an issue, you can buy additional coverage. Other things that are not covered by home insurance include damages from mold, termites, beg bugs, power failures, or earthquakes.

Our agents are here to help you find an affordable policy that will cover all of your needs. Call today to discuss your home insurance options!

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